2004 – Two German entities, OMT and Veyhl, formed a strong alliance and brought their innovation to the United States co-creating OMT-Veyhl, a US entity focused on the ergonomic office furniture market. With both parent companies having strong experience and success, OMT was founded in northern Germany in 1946 and Veyhl was founded in southern Germany in 1951, the newly formed company was set up for immediate success

2008 – In July, OMT-Veyhl moved into their brand new 45,000 ft2 building on James Street in Holland, Michigan.

2011 – Construction begins to double the production and office area to a total of 110,000 ft2

2015 – Continuing the 3-year trend, another expansion is started to bring the facility size to a total of 220,000 ft2
Come see our state-of-the-art facility for yourself, our clients are our guests and are cordially invited to visit our facility in Holland Michigan.